World Diabetes Day 2019: Diabetes and Family

November 14th is observed as World Diabetes Day and in 2019 the theme is diabetes and family. Undoubtedly, diabetes affects not only the patient but also the caretaker. In addition to the health condition of the patient, there is a huge impact of this chronic disease on the psycho-socio-economics of the family. Indeed, a supportive family plays an important role in the management of diabetes.



We are penning down this article with the objective of raising awareness about diabetes in the family and how diabetes education can promote a healthy environment at home. To get started, let’s understand diabetes and its symptoms a little better. Diabetes (also known as Madhumeha) is a health disorder where the affected have higher blood glucose levels than normal.



In Indian households there are several undetected cases of diabetes; according to Deccan Herald, approximately 75 million adults in India are known to have diabetes and one in two people who have diabetes are not aware that they have this condition. Awareness about the symptoms of diabetes among family members can ensure that timely treatment is availed. Common symptoms of diabetes are fatigue, headache, unexplained weight loss, increased thirst, extreme hunger, frequent urination, boils on the skin, blurred vision, numbness in hands and feet, and delayed wound-healing; there are other symptoms as well.



Now that we’ve seen the symptoms of diabetes, let’s understand what are the causes of diabetes? Well, lifestyle is the culprit followed by family history. People who consume unhealthy food (sugary food, packaged food with hidden sugar and junk food) and lead a sedentary lifestyle are highly vulnerable. Those who are overweight, or elderly, or are suffering from high blood pressure, or have a family history of diabetes are advised to monitor their sugar levels regularly. A notable diabetologist from Mumbai says, “monitoring is a key aspect of diabetes management along with diet, exercise and medication”. Interestingly, if you have prediabetes (also known as borderline diabetes) you can take timely measures to manage your sugar levels.



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