What simple changes in food habits will lead to a healthier you?

Nutritionists and fitness experts around the world are emphasising the fact that eating healthy isn’t just about consuming less food; it’s about consuming the right kind of food. We tell you how you can keep your body healthy, nourished and fit by making simple food swaps or substitutions that can easily be adapted into your everyday routine.


Replace fruit juice with whole fruits


While fruit juice is, to a certain extent, healthier than carbonated, sugary drinks, it lacks the dietary fibre that your body needs to prevent the onset of diabetes, heart disease and indigestion. Fruit juice is also much denser in terms of its calorific value than whole fruits, while doing little to fill you up. So, the next time you reach for a tall glass of orange juice to accompany your bowl of cereal, take a step back and opt for a whole orange instead.


Replace refined carbohydrates with whole grains



Refined grains such as white rice and white flour (maida) go through a lot of processing that strips them of their most nutritious parts – namely, the brain and the germ. Whole grains on the other hand, retain all of their fibre, protein, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, to give you more nutrition with every bite.


Replace sugar with healthier substitutes such as TATA Nx Zero Sugar


We’ve all heard the drill about how white sugar fills your body with empty calories, makes you more susceptible to diabetes and also promotes tooth decay. Low-calorie substitutes such as TATA Nx Zero Sugar – a 100% natural substitute with a low Glycaemic Index – allows you indulge your sweet tooth as often as you’d like to, without the guilt of jeopardising your nutrition plan. It can easily replace the sugar you add to hot and cold beverages, and is also suitable for people suffering from diabetes.


Eating healthy is all about making the right choices, and balancing taste with good nutrition. We hope these tips will help you to choose wisely and help you in your effort to get fitter and healthier.