This Navratri, take the ‘Quit Sugar’ Challenge

If your sugar craving seems like the near immortal Mahishasura, get the Shakti to overpower!


Hindu calendar observes Navratri four times a year, actually one in every season. However, Sharad Navratri that falls in the months of September and October is widely celebrated across several states in India.


The nine-day festival that we celebrate was actually a nine-day war between the nearly immortal Mahishasura and Goddess Durga, who is a manifestation of the Shakti of all the celestial beings (including the Trinity, and other Devas such as Kubera, Yama, Agni, Vayu, Varuna, Himavan, Surya, Indra and more).


After all Devas failed to defeat the mighty Mahishasura, Goddess Durga challenged the demon and slayed him on the tenth day of the war. If you wish to read the Short story: The birth of Durga and battle with Mahishasur, visit The Indian Express. However, we encourage you to revisit us for our tale of the modern time.


Sugar related ailments are common in the modern times


Several people acknowledge that sugar is the Mahishasura of the modern era and equate their sugar craving with the helplessness that the trinity and the devas faced. For those unaware, Mahishasura transformed himself into an elephant, then a lion, then a buffalo and finally a human to fight Goddess Durga.


Well, don’t you find a striking resemblance once again out here? Sugar transforms into several forms – sometimes as a cola, sometimes as a processed food pack, sometimes as a flavored yogurt and sometimes as a breakfast cereal. Well, these are all hidden sugar! Are you up for the Quit Sugar Challenge this Navratri? If yes, keep reading and get started…

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End your sugar craving in nine days


FirstRatri Challenge: Say "no" to the hidden sugar in your breakfast cereals. Sugary breakfast cereals can lead to an inevitable sugar rush; your craving for sugar will undoubtedly rise for the rest of the day. Try oats instead. You can either go for cold overnight oats or warm porridge or oat bars.


SecondRatri Challenge: Say “no” to added sugar in your chai. Switch to TATA Nx Zero Sugar*, which is 0% sugar and 100% sweetness**. You can use this stevia-based sweetener to sweeten your hot and cold beverages. BTW, Mumbai Mirror has reported that every year, an average Indian consumes about 18.5 kgs of sugar, which equals 74,000 calories^. TATA Nx Zero Sugar* can certainly come as a savior out here.


ThirdRatri Challenge: Say “no” to processed foods. This includes jams, sauces, pastries, cakes and cookies; all these are loaded with hidden sugar. Treat this sugar craving with a real fruit or a fruit-based snack or raw, un-salted nuts. You thus add vitamin and minerals to your diet and keep sugar away.


FourthRatri Challenge: Say “no” to the hidden sugar in your colas and sugar-sweetened energy and sports drinks. Well, this one is a no-brainer but may get extremely difficult for the addicts. Here’s a good alternative that you may want to consider - switch to a freshly squeezed juice mixed with sparkling water. You will keep your cravings at check initially and help you move to drinking plain water eventually.


FifthRatri Challenge: Say "no" to flavored yogurt. Either go for a plain low-fat yogurt or consider adding freshly cut fruits for the sweetness and flavor.


SixthRatri Challenge: Say “no” to the hidden sugar in your packaged milk chocolates. Once again, this may get difficult for the addicts. But get started by reducing the bar to 50% and give a try to dark chocolates. Fruits can make an interesting substitute as well.


SeventhRatri Challenge: Say “no” to the famous kaju katli and the infamous soan papdi and everything in between. Just the way all Indian television soaps are emotion-packed, all Indian mithai are sugar-overload. Do we say more here?


EighthRatri Challenge: Say “no” to pickles. We understand that pickle can spice up your otherwise boring diet and it’s hard to imagine an Indian kitchen without pickles. However, we insist that moderate your pickle intake as excessive salt, oil and spices used as preservative could be harmful (regardless of the health main ingredient such as amla, beetroot or carrot. And you definitely need to quit your all-time favorite aam ka chunda and murabba as they are loaded with sugar.


NinthRatri Challenge: Take a break from all food delivery apps. Prepare your meals at home. You will definitely end up adding lesser sugar than what the chefs do.


Your nine-day war with hidden and added sugar ends with Vijaya Dashami and we wish you good health always. And BTW, don’t miss our TATA Nx Dandiya this Navratri season. We are confident you will enjoy the read!


*TATA Nx Zero Sugar does not contain Sucrose
**Based on a sensory study carried out by a NABL Certified Lab
^1g sugar = 4 calories