Tata Nx Zero Sugar*

TATA Nx Zero Sugar*

TATA Nx Zero Sugar* is made from natural ingredients, having stevia extracts. It is a low-calorie sweetener as compared to regular sugar and does not contain sucrose that makes it ideal for health-conscious people or anyone advised to reduce sugar intake. It blends easily in hot and cold beverages. Now enjoy the goodness of natural sweetener with TATA Nx Zero Sugar*.

Alternative to Sugar

Most sugar alternatives contain artificial sweeteners like sucralose and aspartame, unlike TATA Nx Zero Sugar* which is made from natural ingredients like Stevia herb extract ,Lactose as a bulking agent and thaumatin which is used as a flavour modifier. This makes it suitable for people who have been medically advised to avoid sugar.

About Stevia

Modern times boasts of one of the greatest discoveries of health - Stevia leaves. Although around for centuries, its health benefits are now getting acknowledged worldwide. Stevia is a sweet herb from nature that contains zero calories. It is natural and safe for consumption.

100% Safe

TATA Nx Zero Sugar is safe to be consumed by any age group. Savor the natural goodness of TATA Nx Zero Sugar* for a healthier lifestyle.

Benefits of TATA Nx Zero Sugar*

0.75 gm of TATA Nx Zero Sugar* = 5 gm of regular sugar#


Low Calorific Value

  • TATA Nx Zero Sugar* is a low-calorie sweetener. The nutritional information per 0.75 gram serving of TATA Nx Zero Sugar* is 3 kcal and has a carbohydrate of 0.74g of which sugar is 0g.
  • 0.75 gm of TATA Nx Zero Sugar* gives equivalent sweetness as that of 5 gm of regular sugar#, giving you approximately 3kcal per 0.75g of TATA Nx Zero Sugar* instead of 20 kcal per 5g of regular sugar.


Contains no Artificial Sweetener

  • Tata Nx Zero Sugar * does not contain Aspartame, Sucralose or any other artificial sweetener.



In Cold Beverages and

In Hot Beverages




  • Naturally found in milk and is used as a bulking agent.



  • A non-nutritive sweetener.
  • The active compounds of stevia are steviol glycosides (mainly stevioside and rebaudioside), which have up to 300 times the sweetness of sugar.
  • Stevia is derived from a plant named Stevia rebaudiana, thus it is a naturally occurring sweetener.



  • Fruit extract used as a flavour modifier


My father was using Tata Nx Zero Sugar last year and he really liked the product. Thankfully they have started selling again on Amazon. Really good product.

Himanshu Jain

Amazon Verified Purchase

Blends well and adds perfect sweetness to my coffee without the aftertaste which I experienced in other Stevia sweeteners that I tried. A good quality product from Tata. Got the order delivered within 24 hours!


Amazon Verified Purchase

100% satisfied with the product.. Perfect natural sweetner, Perfect natural taste.. Thank you Amazon..


Amazon Verified Purchase

#Based on sensory study carried out by a NABL Certified Lab.

*TATA Nx Zero Sugar does not contain Sucrose.