How many calories does Santa eat on Christmas?

We welcome you to this fun article on Santa Claus; it’s just fair to let you know that all information has been sourced online from several sources (mostly videshi websites). However, we’ve added our desi tadka to serve you a two-minute wholesome entertainer and leave back food for thought.



For those unaware, on Christmas Eve, children leave a big plate of cookies and a glass of warm milk for Santa before they go to bed. This has been an age-old tradition that many kids still follow. And now you realize why Santa weighs 260 pounds! After all the hidden sugar in the cookies and the added sugar in milk, one is likely to gain humongous calories.



Now let’s start getting into calorie calculations, which is the central theme of this article. Billions of households around the world reserve a plate full of cookies and a glass of milk for Santa. If we go with AnIdea’s estimate of Santa consuming 2 cookies set aside by every household, he ends up having 336,150,386 cookies. Additionally, he drinks a little less than a million glasses of milk (he doesn’t fully finish the glass). According to USDA one chocolate chip cookie is known to have approximately 78 calories and one teaspoon of added sugar in the milk is known to have approximately 16 calories. This calculation is a task; can we leave the math to you?



Well, it’s hard to think of a cookie-less Christmas, but it’s prudent to swap out Santa’s favorite snack for a Reindeer diet (reindeers go with leafy greens and mushrooms). Santa’s favorite beverage can certainly retain sweetness; one just needs to switch to a stevia-based sugar substitute such as TATA Nx Zero Sugar*. As the name suggests, TATA Nx Zero Sugar* has 0% sugar but 100% sweetness*. As we ring in 2020, we encourage you to be mindful of the daily hidden and the added sugar that we consume.



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* Based on a study carried out by a NABL Certified Lab